Welcome the the world of Marine Based Technology

I wanted to introduce you to our new range of inspired skincare products.

We have taken our inspiration again from nature, but also from the ocean, to create an amazing range of marine based products.

As you know as a company, we differentiate ourselves from others, as always, by using only natural and organic ingredients and high percentages of active ingredients for maximum results and most benefits possible.


Marine algae and seaweeds have been evolving on earth for a much longer time than terrestrial plants, which is why their chemical makeup is so much more advanced.

They have evolved to deal with a wide range of harsh environments which has resulted in their extraordinarily high percentages of vitamins, minerals and especially antioxidants.

On top of that, their seawater environment contains almost identical chemistry as blood plasma, lymph, and the fluids of the human body. Seaweed absorbs the same concentration of minerals and essential elements that our bodies need to survive.


Marine plants which obtain their nutrients from seawater, are concentrated storehouses of all the elements found in the sea. As the base of the food chain, marine plants deliver all the sea’s nutrients to our skin to support and accelerate cellular regeneration, delivering vital elements such as magnesium, potassium, iodine, copper, and zinc essential in the synthesis of collagen and other skin fibres.


All these adaptations have created bioavailable compounds that protect cells against environmental aggressors such as ultra-violet radiation, pollution, smoking and deficient nutrition which is why all our products include at least one kind of seaweed-based ingredient.

The seaweed we use is sustainably harvested off the coast of Brittany in France.

In addition to focusing on the healing benefits of seaweed, we are committed to providing our customers with cruelty-free products.

Our products and ingredients never have been and never will be tested on animals.


This new range of marine inspired products suitable for Vegan’s

We care deeply for the earth and its inhabitants and continue to look for ways we can improve our practices to support our beautiful planet.