Get Your Glow back and Improve Barrier Function

When it comes to achieving that glow, it is tempting to lean on quick fixes to brighten, tighten and firm the skin. But while zapping breakouts with spot cream, applying a face mask to hide a hangover or booking in for a laser therapy facial may help in the short term, developing lasting habits to future-proof your skin will mean you can look forward to a healthier and more youthful complexion for years to come.

Be conscious of the damaging effects of UV rays and pollution on the skin, especially if you work outside or live and work in a city. Wearing and SPF daily or using a sun hat can help

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Focusing on maintaining your skin’s water content, as many issues sensitivity, dullness, fine lines, an uneven tone and texture can stem from dehydration. Keeping your skin well moisturized will also help keep the skin barrier stay healthy and protect against both water loss and external aggressors. It contains no chemical sunscreen, so safer for the skin and the environment. It has a wonderful natural sun protection factor of 30 from Rhatany Root, a natural and organic sunscreen while Micronized Titanium reflects both UVA and UVB solar rays.

Take the Time

Take time out once or twice a week to massage give yourself a mini facial and mask. The use of massaging techniques or rollers work by encouraging circulation and improving the lymphatic drainage system, which can help your skin de-puff and rid itself of toxins. Improves blood circulation and stimulates collagen production

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Protecting the skins natural barrier is a must, the skin barrier is important to human life. Physically, it protects for external threats such as infectious agents, chemicals, systemic toxicity and allergens. A healthy skin barrier performs two very important functions. First, it helps your skin retain moisture by preventing water loss from deeper skin layers. Second, it helps protect your skin from harsh elements like UV rays, pollutants, microbes, and chemicals. Face Envy Superfood Face Mask with donkey milk, retinol, and collagen

Containing all the vital ingredients for healthy skin, a perfect platform for optimum skin health. Made with nutrient-dense superfood organic donkey milk, this high-performance, moisturizing, and hydrating superfood face mask is enriched with multi-molecular weight hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate. Argan, Andiroba, and Grapeseed oils, packed with antioxidants that replenish, soothe, rebalances, and nourish the skin, while the pro-aging, anti-acne, and photoaging skin protection benefits are provided by 99.9% purity Bakuchiol – natural retinol has been clinically proven to be as effective as synthetic retinol. Packed with vitamins (A, B, C, D, E, K), minerals, amino acids, ceramides, proteins, and omega 3, 6 & This mask offers superior hydration, smooths, lifts, nourishes, rejuvenates, renews, and exfoliates the skin.

Regain your skin barrier and reverse skin damage

The health of your skin barrier’s function is a direct result of many factors. This includes nutrition, age, your daily skincare routine, and your surrounding environment. Over time, the barrier starts degrading and gets weaker and a little worse at performing its function. To complicate matters, every time you cleanse, fats and lipids are stripped from the skin, weakening the skin’s barrier function. This brings on moisture loss, and lets in external aggravators, which further damage the deeper layers of skin by breaking down structural proteins like collagen and elastin. Over exfoliation with harsh products can also be a major cause of skin barrier issues. But we have the perfect answer with this amazing serum. Its ultra-lightweight, fast-absorbing, providing an instant boost while infusing the skin with the nutrient-dense superfood of organic donkey milk, a powerhouse for brightening dull, uneven, scarred or UV damaged skin. Three types of multi-molecular weight Hyaluronic acid provide 24-hour multi-layer hydration which creates a three-dimensional plumping moisturizing network to soften the appearance of dehydration lines. The added cocktail of ingredients including Retinal O5 combines the safe protective activity of Halorubin and Retinaturel, a strong booster of cell protection, the unique combination protects against blue light and provide anti-photo-aging activity. anti-aging, anti-acne and treats redness and rosacea.