3 common Winter skincare problems

Here are the 3 most common winter skin problems and how you can take care of them to keep your skin looking its happiest and healthiest this winter time.

Remember, take care of your skin, you are going to be wearing it every day! 

Does your skin feel dry and tight? If so, read on…

It’s time to investigate what’s going on with your skin and discover if it’s dull, dry or dehydrated
Find out more about what your skin type could be
There’s a big difference as you’ll discover…

Dry Skin 

  • Dry skin doesn’t contain enough oil, so it lacks sheen and plumpness.
  • The look of pores can appear small.
  • It can look red, sore and get easily aggravated, itchy and flaky in places.
  • It can feel tight and possibly be difficult to rub moisture products into the skin.
  • After a shower or bath, your skin can feel tight and itchy. 
  • It can feel sensitive to some skincare products, especially those containing botanical ingredients. 

Dehydrated Skin 

  • Dehydrated skin has a feeling of tightness and dryness but can still appear oily in places.
  • Pores can appear enlarged in areas.
  • It quickly absorbs water in moisturisers and makeup, causing foundation patchiness and shine.
  • After a shower or bath your skin looks and feels better.

Dull Skin

  • Dull skin lacks lustre
  • Skin Appears flat and lifeless can look grey 
  • May look dry dehydrated and patchy  
  • Skin can look textured 
  • Pigmentation marks 
  • When you look in the mirror you look tired 

Here are some top tips to help.

In the winter months, humidity levels drop significantly. This is why your skin dries out in cold weather. Your skin may feel tighter, a little uncomfortable and you may see patches of flaking skin too. The key for keeping your skin as soft and supple as usual lies in your moisturiser. You may in fact need to moisturise a little more frequently in the colder weather or you may actually decide to step it up a gear and choose a different moisturiser to help your skin through a cold weather spell.

To help balance the skin try our Face Envy Superfood Cream  

Our skin can often look a little paler, duller and lack a glow in the winter. Here’s the thing, you can most definitely have radiant and bright skin all year round. If your skin has become dull or there are pigmentation problems, you can benefit a lot from a skin brightening complex. The best way to increase skin radiance is to use skincare that contains antioxidants and vitamins E and C.

A serum is a brilliant way of achieving results. A serum is highly concentrated and so is able to target specific skin concerns. Our Super Serum Plus   It is like a facial in a bottle, and great at tackling dull skin.

Between the cold air outside and dry indoor heating, your skin cells dehydrate and die out faster in winter. Using an exfoliator twice a week will help replenish your skin by buffing away the dead cells so new cells can be revealed.

As well as improving the texture of your skin, exfoliators improve the effectiveness of your moisturiser. Because skin is often drier in the winter, you’ll want to maximize the power of your moisturiser. You can easily do this by regularly exfoliating away the dead skin cells that block moisture from the layers of new skin cells that actually need it. Try our Flower Power Hibiscus exfoliator  It exfoliates renews and hydrates in one. 

You could also treat your skin to a face mask. Once a week, kick back and relax with a face mask. You relax whilst the mask does the work. or why not use it overnight ,

We love…. Our Face Envy Superfood Mask, it  is a dual purpose face mask  can be used as a treatment or overnight.