We hope the following answers any question you may have but if there’s something not covered, please email enquiries@smarterskincare.co.uk and we’ll do our best to answer it.


We recommend you build a routine that suits you needs Always start with the cleansing bar, you can use our super serum, or our mega moisture cream alone or together. Our range is suitable even if you have super-sensitive skin, although our products are dermatologically tested, we always recommend patch test.

We do not use ingredients that have been tested on animals. We also do not test finished products on animals nor do we engage subcontractors to do so. We use only the best natural and organic ingredients.

We do not currently offer samples, but we are working on this, however, we recommend you use your new Smart Ass products, for at least 10 days to get a good feel for them, and to get the full benefits and fantastic results, using a sample would let you see the instant effects of the products, but would not give your skin sufficient time to obtain the long term benefits.

Smart Ass products are carefully manufactured in small batches, this allows us to maintain the high level of quality in each product due to the fresh nature of the ingredients we use.

Most of our products contain a best before date. Once opened they can be used for at least 6 months stored at room temperature. You can also find the storage information on your Smart-Ass product box and bottle.

They are made in the UK and Sardinia,  with continued research in both Italy and the United Kingdom in a professional laboratory, exacting quality and standards.  We source our ingredients very carefully and only work with a carefully chosen selection of suppliers.

Our products are well-tolerated, on any skin type and are dermatologically tested. However, if you have specific concerns please feel free to contact us directly, or with your medical practitioner.

If in doubt, with any product you should always perform a patch test on a small area first (e.g. behind your ear) and leave the product on for 24 hours. If there is any irritation, discontinue use.

Allergies vary from person to person We do however include a full list of ingredients with every product, both on the website and on the product packaging. We suggest you check these to make sure our products do not have something in that you are allergic to.

If you do have a nut allergy – we always recommend you speak to your GP to see if our products may be suitable and perform a patch test first if in any doubt. A small amount should be applied close to where you want to apply the product (such as behind the ear). If you experience any redness, irritation, or discomfort during the next 24 hours then you should immediately and thoroughly wash the test area and not use that product.


We use as little plastic as possible and most of our products are available in glass bottles and jars, aluminum, fully recyclable PP, and cardboard, and where possible have already been through the recycling chain    We focus on principals of eco-sustainability, based on the production of our cosmetics, our aim is to protect and take care of the animals wellbeing especially the foals, removing only a reduced amount of milk from the mother and balancing the foal’s diet with vegetable flora in this way, we then create natural cosmetics for our skin’s wellbeing while maintains the precious characteristics of the donkey milk, which make our products so special.

Ordering and delivery

For details on our delivery service, please see our Delivery page.

At present we don’t ship outside the UK and Ireland.

If in the rare event you do not like a product, or there is an issue with the product please let us know. We may be able to offer you either further product advice or information or in some instances how best to use the product for maximum benefit or we’ll send you returns advice and you can pop the product back in the post. Please see our Returns Policy for further information.

The best place to buy our products is on this website. Here you will get the best offers available and first to know about new products and launches.

The rest

We like our products to speak for themselves through good reviews from real actual customers – so if you do want someone to speak to someone about smarter products contact   joyce@smarterskincare.co.uk

Yes. Email joyce@smartassbeauty.co.uk and tell us about yourself

Yes, you can email us at,  enquiries@smarterskincare.co.uk  We will do our best to help!